About Us

Nursing is one of professional services that is an integral part of health service which is based on nursing science, in the form of comprehensive bio-psycho-socio-spiritual services, addressed to individuals, families, groups and communities, both healthy and sick, human life from fertilization to the end of life.

Nursing services are assistance provided to an individual because of physical or mental weakness, limited knowledge, and lack of willingness to carry out daily activities independently. Nursing services are intended to help individuals, families, groups and communities be self-sufficient in maintaining their health.

The Diploma of Nursing, nationally called Akademi Keperawatan is a three-year entry-level nursing credential that produces vocational nursing graduates who have attitudes and competences in nursing. The nursing students in the Diploma of Nursing are expected to acquire nursing skills and knowledges through an application of nursing curriculum with various forms of learning experiences, including those taught in classroom, laboratories, or clinics completely equipped with learning facilities that support the achievement of learning objectives. The Diploma of Nursing in Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai was established in 1996 with Decree of Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia No: 00.1.542.a dated on February 27, 1996 with the name in bahasa: Akademi Keperawatan Tuanku Tambusai. With endless efforts, in 2006 Akademi Keperawatan Tuanku Tambusai changed into Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan (health school) and in 2017 became the Diploma of Nursing, under Faculty of Health, Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai.