About Us

A four-year midwifery study program, nationally called Diploma IV in Midwifery, is a vocational midwifery education program. The program aims to prepare its students to have competence and skill to work as a midwife, to independently do their responsibilities, to professionally work in the service level of primary, secondary and tertiary. Nationally, the students graduate from the Diploma IV of Midwifery program will have the title of Bachelor of Saint (S.Tr. Keb). In order to graduate, the students have to take for about 147 credits hours in no less than 8 semesters.

Through the program, midwifery gradutes are expected to be able tp empower community to improve the health of mothers, toddlers, preschoolers, adolescents and the elderly through promotive and preventive efforts. In addition, graduates are expected to be able to provide an independent midwifery care in any physiology cases, to early detect possible obstetric cases with complications, and to provide an early treatment in emergency obstetric and obstetrical pathology cases through collaborative and referral tasks.Therefore, midwives should have professional knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to be able to provide optimal midwifery care and to contribute in applied research related to midwifery services.