HIMA Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) Pahlawan University Tuanku Tambusai (UP) Held a Great Conference

Universitaspahlawan.ac.id, UP - The Elementary School Teacher Education Student Association (HIMA PGSD) held a Great Conference (Mubes) which was held for the election of the Regent of PGSD Pahlawan University Study Program 2018/2019.

The big conference held in the Hall of the Pahlawan University Tuanku Tambusai (UP) on Sunday (03/06) 2018. This activity also invited the Head of PGSD Study Program, Rizki Ananda M.Pd., and other PGSD Study Lecturers as Reviewers in The Mubes.

"The arrangement of the program in the first Mubes began with the reading of the procedural order, then, asked the Accountability Report (LPJ) for our previous HIMA management, and the election of the new PGSD Regent of the Pahlawan University" said Ka. PGSD Study Program Rizki Ananda M.Pd when giving information about the activity.

Finally, he congratulated PGSD's elected Regent and Deputy Regent 2018/2019, namely Sri Rahmadini and Safnila Ariani.

As an Additional Information, PGSD of the Pahlawan University Tuanku Tambusai (UP) is the Study Program with the highest number of students in the Faculty of Education (FIP), namely 474 Students to date. and this grand conference was also held for the first time by PGSD UP as a form of learning process of democracy in the campus environment.

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