Introduction of Public Health Student Senate Association (ISMKMI) to New Students of Public Health Sciences

The Public Health Student Senate Association (ISMKMI) is the only inter-senate organization of public health students in Indonesia which was declared on December 24, 1991 in the National Conference in Ujung Pandang (Makassar).

With 5 founding universities namely Hasanuddin University, Air Langga University, Diponegoro University, University of Indonesia and University of North Sumatra. ISMKMI consists of 4 regions, region 1 includes Sumatra Island as a whole, and Riau region is included in its membership, which institutions are registered in the Riau region, namely: Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai, STIKES Hang Tuah Pekanbaru, STIKes Payung Negeri Pekanbaru, STIKes Al-Insyirah , Maharatu STIKes, and Batam Ibnu Sina STIKes.

Therefore, each year the Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai Public Health Student Association held an ISMKMI introduction event which this year was held on Saturday, September 8 2018 and more interestingly packed with an event called Silaturahim HIMA IKM UP and the introduction of ISMKMI at the Heroes University Tuanku Tambusai with the theme "Forming Public Health students who are passionate about organizing and sensitive to health issues". The event was attended by all students of the Public Health Study Program at the PahlawanTuanku Tambusai University (UP).

The event was opened by the Chairperson of the Pahlawan  Tuanku Tambusai University Community Health Study Program, Ibu Ade Dita Puteri, SKM, MPH. And continued with the provision of material by Egi anandika Puteri as the Region 1 ISMKMI coordinator (Al-Insyirah Pekanbaru STIKes) and continued by Donny Alfian as ISMKI Riau regional coordinator, hopefully the presentation of ISMKMI introduction material can increase the enthusiasm of New Health Study Program students in organizing and sensitizing Existing health issues, the event continued with a photo together and the event ended by inviting invited guests to visit the green river Bangkinang

The invited guests who were also present were the Head of the Public Health S1 Study Program of the Heroes of Tuanku Tambusai, Egi Anandika Putri as the 1st ISMKMI Regional Coordinator (Al-Insyirah Pekanbaru STIKes), Donny Alfian as ISMKMI Riau Regional Coordinator (Hang Tuah Pekikabaru), ISMKMI Riau Democrat Nopianto, SKM and Alumni of Public Health, Management of ISMKMI Riau area from STIKes Al-Insyirah Pekanbaru and STIKes Hang Tuah Peknabaru

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