Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University(UP) Realized the MoU with the Rokan Hulu District Education Office Branch of the Riau Province Education Office

Universitaspahlawan.ac.id, UP - Head of the Rokan Hulu Regency Education Office in Riau Province welcomed and appreciated the arrival of representatives of the Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University(UP) to realize the cooperation in education on Tuesday (09/25) 2018.

"As the Head of the Education Office, Rohul is ready to help inform the screening program to schools in Upper Rendering Schools in the Rokan Hulu area, we also hope that the Pahlawan University can contribute in the field of education, especially in Rokan Hulu Regency" said Hamdan Nasution. Rokan Hulu Education Agency.

Exploration of cooperation for the selection of students Outside this area was represented by Aryadi S.Sos as an envoy from UP to conduct a meeting in Rokan Hulu.

"The MoU between UP and the National Education Agency included the selection of regional superior students, talent and sports networking and arts, the Bidik Misi University Hero scholarship assistance, the provision of domestic and private slta data, research locations and lecturer service, health education, activities deemed necessary. and benefit both parties. " said Aryadi S.Sos.

Collaboration aimed at improving the quality of education and Human Resources (HR) is carried out for the next five years, and will be extended with the agreement of both parties

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