Stadium General UP Gives Enthusiasm and Motivation for New Students

universitaspahlawan.ac.id, UP - Information and motivation has been conveyed by Prof. Amir Lutfi as the Rector of the University of Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai (UP) while giving a speech to the Public Lecture on Tuesday (04/09) 2018. This event was held for new 2018/2019 students in the courtyard of the UP Rectorate Building in an orderly manner.

Interestingly, this public lecture with the theme "Eat Smart For Better Health" received positive appreciation from UP students participating in the presentation of a professor from the University Kebangsaan Malaysia  (UKM), namely Prof. Ruzita Abd Thalib.

"In realizing the Quality and entrepreneurship mission, Pahlawan University will educate students in accordance with academic standards," said Prof. Amir Lutfi in his speech at the stadium general.

He also revealed that students will be able to create jobs after becoming a graduate from the Pahlawan University.

"Nawaitu ... students must be good at seizing opportunities, study diligently. Learn as much language as possible, so that you all achieve your dreams with good achievements" last Prof. Amir Lutfi added that with a tone of encouragement for new students.

The series of events continued with the presentation of the material by the speaker Prof. Ruzita Abd Thalib regarding Nutritional . And information or material about the theme of the event delivered in Malay language adds to the enthusiasm of students who take part in this stadium general.

"Eating can also bring disease. Most students will eat anything, regardless of meal time and nutrition in food" said the speaker Prof. Ruzita Abd Thalib in delivering stadium generale material.

"Finally, you should be able to find time for gymnastics or sports, for example walking 10 thousand steps or equivalent to 8 km per day. This is what I say to reduce stress and be able to focus when students are studying" added prof. Ruzita.

"We encourage existing sources for healthy consumption, don't have to be expensive but can eat vegetables or fruit in our environment, such as bananas as fruit, then tempe as a protein for our bodies" said Prof. Ruzita in answering questions from Rebi, a student who follows the stadium generale.

The series of stadium generale was closed with questions and answers from several students with speakers Prof. Ruzita about eating healthy and clean food, and reading pre-program prayers by Pahlawan University student./M.A

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