Hijri New Year Commemoration of Pahlawan Elementary School (SD) Holds Positive Activities

Pahlawan Elementary School (SD) shaded by Yayasan Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai led by Prof. Dr. Amir Luthfi, commemorates the New Year of Hijri 1 Muharam 1440 H with activities that can enhance the religious value of their students.

Activities to welcome this new year of hijrah in Appreciation by Prof. Dr. Amir Lutfi as chairman of the Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai Foundation and Chancellor of the Pahlawan University (UP)

SD Pahlawan which is addressed at Akper Street Kec. Bangkinang City held contests related to Islamic holidays, such as the Juz 30 Quran Recitation competition, the Quiz competition, and the Speech Contest with the theme "Islamic New Year".

The first activity held was a speech contest. Seen students who appear using concepts or without concepts try diligently to win in the competition they follow. This activity fosters knowledge about Islam

Seen the faces of excited students have been seen coming more early especially for the preparation of the race event. The target of the prize competition is an attraction for innocent students, hope and optimism face to be a very rare and unique scene for adults who might see it.

Furthermore, the Quran Recitation Juz 30 race activities, this activity aims to make Elementary School students hero into a generation that clings to the Qur'an. And the event was ended by the smart competition taking place in an orderly manner, the students who took part in the smart competition meticulously concentrated and focused on listening to the questions, followed by boisterous and excited supporters of the contestants from various classes, as a form of support for the teams who were given enthusiasm.

Besides this activity there are many routine activities conducted every week in Heroes' Elementary School (SD), such as routine hygiene check, spiritual activities, recitation, Scouting and English conversation practice, said Pahlawan Elementary School management - Iis Aprinawati M.Pd and Sumianto M.Pd.

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