Two State Senior High Schools in Pelalawan District Collaborate with Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP)

Universitaspahlawan.ac.id, UP - Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University(UP) has collaborated with Pangkalan Kuras 1 Senior High School and Bandar Petalangan 1 Senior High School, On Wednesday (03/10) 2018.

Two well-known high schools (SMA) in Pelalawan Regency received well and responded positively to the socialization visit from UP. The socialization team was coordinated by Aryadi S.Sos and consisted of 5 members.

"We hope that with the cooperation with the two high schools in Pelalawan, it will bring benefits to these two educational institutions," said Aryadi.

The scope of this collaboration consists of national examination guidance, teacher training in scientific publications, metrology training for students, training in technical software for students, Autocad training (drawing buildings for students), IT skills development training for students, school extracurricular coaching, implementation student research, the use of labor and sports facilities, the implementation of try out at school, the development of English language students, the location of research and the administration of the lecturer community, the PPL field, health counseling, activities deemed necessary and beneficial to both parties.

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