Students Representative Council (DPM) of Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) Holds a Great Conference, UP – Musyawarah Besar (Mubes) was held by the Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) Student Representative Council (DPM) regarding discussing the overhaul of the draft Law on Students Chapter 3 through Chapter 5 regarding the planned Election activities at UP , some time to come.

“Based on the law that has been formed by DPM UP, the Student President is appointed based on the congress. But the campus provides opportunities for the holding of the Raya Election, so with this opportunity the DPM and its staff hold a Mubes for amendments to the Law on elections at the Pahlawan University” said DPM Commissioner joined in the Mubes, on Friday (21/09) 2018 ago.

He also said that in addition to the amendments to the Law on Electoral Elections (Pemira), the Mubes was also held to reconstitute the main tasks and functions (Tupoksi) of the DPM Pahlawan University.

Finally, he revealed, regarding the system and technicalities of Pemira that will be carried out will be discussed and collaborated with the University. Thus, Pemira activities that will be held can achieve optimal results.