Community Health Student Association Forms Tambusai Management 2018/2019., UP – Public Health Student Association, Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) Holds Position Handover Activities with the establishment of Student Ossociation (Hima) Management 2018/2019, on Saturday (22/09) 2018 ago.

The Job handover activity was attended by Hima Members who were members of the 2017/2018 Hima Public Health structure and Candidates who would fill the membership structure of the Public Health 2018/2019 Hima.

The activity, which was initiated by the direction of the advisory board namely Ridwan Maulana, was followed by the handover of the Public Health Hima UP flag by Chair Hima, Renita Holbina Yusma and vice chairman Abdul Hamid To Wahyuni ​​Usman and Bima Satria as chair and deputy for the 2018-1919 period.

“Congratulations to all members of the new management. Hopefully, trust and be able to succeed HIMA KESMAS UP with an organized and directed work program.” said Ridwan Maulana as the Advisory Board in this Activity.

The names registered as acting Hima Kesmas are filled by, Treasurer Dhea Atika Dianri and zihilmayani, Secretary Annisa ‘Lissalmi and Ningsih Ariestuti Ka. PSDM Delfi Ayu and 5 Members, 2. Ka. Community Service of Muthia Nabilla with 10 members, Ka Division Jarkom Rasida Ayu and 5 members, Ka Division of Entrepreneurship Chichi Rahmi and 8 members, and Ka. Dedella Gusvianda’s Spiritual Division has 5 members.