The PahlawanTuanku Tambusai University (UP) Pancasila day of the Faculty of Education (UP) Holds Ceremonial pancasila’s day, UP – All Pahlawan University Faculty of Education (FIP) Lecturers and Students Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University(UP) held a flag ceremony to commemorate the Pancasila Day, Monday (01/10) 2018.

Located in the Rector’s Page of all participants An orderly ceremony, seen all students wearing black and white uniforms. This ceremony was held right at 07.30, and was led by Ananta Wira Wicaksana students from the S1 English Education Study Program.

“We hope that with the commemoration of the Day of Pancasila Power, it can remind us of the points contained in Pancasila, especially the First Precepts, namely the One God Almighty” said Rizki Nanda M.Pd. as coach in the ceremony held.

Bro. The PGSD Study Program also said that this ceremony was functioned as a form of national ideological defense which began with the introduction and re-emphasis on students regarding the birth of the Pancasila Day of Power.

This ceremony also functioned as a way to increase the value of Nationalism among students of Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University(UP).