Students of DIII Midwifery and DIV Midwifery of the Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) Implement Skills Practices, UP – Study Program DIII Midwifery and DIV Midwifery of Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) conducted skills practice at Arifin Achmad Hospital Pekanbaru, Monday (05/11) 2018.

“As many as 49 semester 3 students participated in the Basic Practices of Midwifery (KDK) starting from November 5 to December 1, then this practice was also attended by 26 semester students in their 5th semester starting from November 3 to December 29.” said Fitri Apriyanti. M.Keb.

Ms. Nuri as the speaker gave debriefing before practicing skills. Student gives information about Safety, Safety and Occupational Safety (K3) in the form of Extension.

“It is very important for us to make sure we have to wash our hands before the patient, I advise them to always increase the body’s resistance and maintain its diet” added the mother of Nuri.

Sri Febrianis also provided material about sick patients, such as replacement stickers, risk, and effective communication.

This activity was also attended by several midwifery lecturers and midwifery DIV UP. There were Fitri Apriyanti M.Keb., Endang Mayasari., SST., M.Kes., SUT Sukrianti Syahda, M.Kes., Milda Hastuti, SST., M Kes ., And NIslawati., SST., M.Kes. Then from the Arifin Achmad Hospital represented by Rahmawati Widysumarti, SKM., M.Sc.