Cooking Contest in Kampar Regency, UP Promotes the Importance of Eating Fish, UP – Series of events in 2019 in Kampar Regency held by the Fisheries Service in collaboration with Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai (UP) and Kampar Regency PKK Mobilization Team, Bring up various kinds of fish cuisine creations, Thursday (22/08) 2019 in the Main Square of UP.

On the occasion Afrinis, M.Si, as the head of the Study Program (Prodi) mentioned that there were 21 teams given the opportunity to participate in a fish cooking competition, with the race divided into two categories, namely adolescents and mothers. According to him there will be many new menu creations from fish that can encourage people to consume fish more often.

“In addition to cooking in this activity we can inform the public how important fish consumption is. I am sure this event will be better in the future, we also make this event a routine agenda at Pahlawan University later “said Widawati, SP., MHSc., MSSc., As a Lecturer in Nutrition UP.

“We see the potential of the Kampar region which is rich in river fish products, leaving from there, we last year gave UP students the opportunity to represent Kampar in a national fish cooking competition and thank God won the 3rd place. This year, we and UP agreed to hold a fish cooking competition. this regency level, so that there will be candidates that we might be able to send to the national level, “said Helmi, Head of the Quality Development and Promotion Section of the Kampar District Fisheries Service to the UP Public Relations Team.

The Chairperson of PKK Kec. Kampa also gave a response, according to him, an event like this was needed by PKK mothers, not only to train creativity, mothers could also share menus and gain a lot of knowledge, experiences and new friends in the event.

This activity also involved S1 PA PAUD UP Study Program. In this event a fish picture coloring contest was held aimed at introducing young children to fish. Also present at the event Ka. PG PAUD Study Program Moh. Fauziddin, as a jury in a fish coloring contest, was held.

According to Novi, Chairperson of the Kampa sub-district PKK, this cooking competition was not only an event that spurred the creativity of mothers in cooking, in that activity he acknowledged a lot of information about the nutritional value of processed fish. In addition, this fish-loving program makes mothers get new experiences, new knowledge, and of course new friends.

The winners of the juvenile fish-based innovation cooking competition at the Fish Cooking Competition include:

Family / main menu:
1st place: al-faruqqi smk
Champion 2: smkn 1 kuok
3rd place: wenty (bachelor student of nutritional study program sem 5 univ hero)

1st place: al-faruqqi smk
2nd Place: Vidhya Ramadhani Putri (S1 Nutrition Study Program student 5 hero hero)
Champion: smkn 1 kuok