Riau Is Still Enclosed With Thick Haze, S1 Students of English Language Education Tell This Can Be Done by Students

Universitaspahlawan.ac.id, UP – Riau Province is still in a state against the haze, students of the English Language Study Program, Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai (UP) moves to distribute free masks in Bangkinang City and surrounding areas, Saturday (09/21) 2019 .

“For more than two weeks the people in Riau have not breathed clean air, we are very concerned to see this situation. I know that our friends have tried to deal with the haze problem. This time we were moved to distribute masks to road users, especially cyclists motorcycles prone to exposure to haze “said Anisya Yolana, UP English Education S1 Students.

Anisya also mentioned that the student movement had various kinds, only it had not yet come to light, he said. He said that his fellow students had tried various ways, ranging from discussions with the government, helping the security forces extinguish fires in the forest fire, some were distributing masks, opening health posts for the forestry victims to discussing with the government.

Gesica Fahmiranda, a Universitas Pahlawan student who participated in distributing these masks revealed that the condition of the people in Riau was very alarming because of the smoke disaster. refugee camps for smoke victims have been set up. According to him, the work carried out by every component of society will be in vain if the hotspot continues to grow and all components of the community do not work well together.