Head of Study Program

Head of Study Program


Welcome to the Official Website of the Diploma III Midwifery Study Program, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai. Through this website, we want to share many things with students, teachers, practitioners in midwifery, or the general public to get participated for better development of the Diploma III Midwifery study program, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai soon. The study program established in 2003, and it has accredited B.  The increasing demand for qualified health services in the Globalization era has supported qualified health workers’ entrepreneurial spirit. Diploma Midwifery wants to actively contribute to realizing society’s needs for qualified and professional health services.

The diploma III midwifery study program is vocational education level aims to train the students to do routine activities independently, to achieve the students’ competency professionally in the primary, secondary and tertiary level. The educational degree of Diploma III Midwifery is widely known as Associate Midwifery (Amd.Keb). Level of Diploma III Midwifery study program took 6 (six) semesters with a study load of 114 credits. Through its study program, it expects that the midwifery students could empower the societies to provide better health of the maternal, toddlers, preschoolers, teenagers, and elderly by doing promotive and preventive actions.

Besides, the midwifery graduation expects to do independent midwifery care for physiology cases, do initial screening or early detection in obstetric cases with complications, and do early handling for emergency and obstetric pathology cases through collaboration and referral assignments. To achieve these competencies, a midwife must have good knowledge, skills, and professionalism to give optimal midwifery care, and apply research for midwifery services. When you choose to study midwifery with us, you will also have the opportunity to train to do professional practice independently, do home care, and do baby massage and lactation massage.

Vission and Mission

To produce the qualified associate midwifery for community midwifery services with entrepreneurial spirit in National level in 2027

  1. To implement a qualified midwifery education focused on community midwifery services with an entrepreneurial spirit
  2. To carry out meaningful research in enhancement societies’ health.
  3. To carry out and to develop community service activities.
  4. To develop collaboration activities in education, research, and community services with several cross disciplines, both national and international level.


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Research Activities

  1. Factors contributed to premarital sex among teenagers at SMAN 2 Bangkinang Kota (Afiah)
  2. Maternal Pregnancy History Factors Associated with Stunting in the Kampar Health Center Work Area in 2020 (Milda Hastuty)
  3. Factors Associated with the Growth and Development of Toddlers in the Work Area of Puskesmas Kuok, Kampar Regency (Erlinawati)
  4. The Relationship between Formula Milk Promotion and Exclusive Breastfeeding in Naga Switch Village, North Kampar District (Elvira Harmia)
  5. Maternal Pregnancy History Factors Associated with Stunting in the Kampar Health Center Area in 2020 (Fitri Handayani)
  6. Factors related to the nutritional status of children under five in the guava island village, the working area of the Kuok Health Center (Endang Mayasari)
  7. The Relationship between Parents’ Socio-Economic Status and the Incidence of Caries in Primary Teeth of 4 and 5 Years Old Children in Kuok Village, Kuok District (Rinda Fitriana)


1 I UP. 001 Religions and Ethics 2 1 1
2 UP.003 Pancasila Education 2 1 1
3 UP.004 Civic Education 2 1 1
4 BD.3.504 Socio-cultural 2 1 1
5 BD.3.505 Anatomy and Physiology 4 2 2
6 BD.3.506 Basic Skills Midwifery Practices 3 1 2
7 BD.3.507 Midwifery Concepts 3 2 1
  Total 18
1 II UP.002 National Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) 2 1 1
2 BD.3.509 Communication in Midwifery Practice 3 2 1
3 BD.3.510 Clinical Skills of Midwifery Practices 4 2 2
4 BD.3.511 Midwifery Documentations 2 1 1
5 BD.3.513 Reproductive Health Nutrition 2 1 1
6 BD.3.514 Introduction to Midwifery Care 5 3 2
7 BD.3.515 English 2 1 1
  Total 20
1 III BD.3.516 Ethics and Law of Health 2 1 1
2 BD.3.517 Pregnancy Midwifery Care 5 2 3
3 BD.3.518 Childbirth and Newborn Midwifery Care 5 2 3
4 BD.3.519 Postpartum and Breastfeeding Midwifery Care 3 2 1
5 UP.005 Entrepreneurship 2 1 1
6 BD.3.521 Elderly Reproductive Health 2 1 1
7 BD.3.522 HIV and AIDS 2 1 1
8 BD.3.512 Pharmacology 2 1 1
  Total 23
1 IV BD.3.523 Neonates, Infants and Toddlers Midwifery Care 4 2 2
2 BD.3.524 Reproductive Health & Family Planning 4 2 2
3 BD.3.525 Community Midwifery Services 4 2 2
4 BD.3.526 Midwifery Clinic Practices I 6 6
5 BD.3.527 Evidence-based Midwifery 3 2 1
7 BD.3.530 Midwifery Care for

Maternal and Neonatal Emergencies

2 1 1
  Total 23
1 V BD.3.529 A Midwifery Clinic Practices II A 5 5
  BD.3.529 B Midwifery Clinic Practices II B 5 5
2 BD.3.532 Public Health 2 1 1
3 BD.3.535 Quality Midwifery Services and Health Policy 2 1 1

Research Methodology and Basic Statistics

2 1 1
  Total 16
1 VI BD.3.533 Midwifery Clinic Practices III 8 8
2 BD.3.531 Community Midwifery Practices 3 3
3 BD.3.534 Final Reports 3 3
   Total 14
Grand Total 114


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