Second Graduation of the Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University(UP) Ready to Present Quality Graduates, UP – total 406 graduates from Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) officially hold bachelor and diploma degrees on Saturday (11/10) 2018.

“I am proud of the achievements obtained by the Pahlawan University over the past two years, most study programs from 16 Study Programs have been accredited B, so that people increasingly trust UP,” said the Chancellor of the University of Prof. Dr. Amir Lutfi.

He also said that Pahlawan University succeeded in developing international cooperation with many institutions, not only in Asia but also in Europe.

Many moments of emotion occurred during the holding of the UP graduation in 2018, including giving flowers from students and college students to their parents, awarding bouquets and certificates of appreciation to Alvon Tabrani from the Bachelor of Nutrition study program who holds the title Cumloude this year.

The Second Graduation held at SKA Co Ex Pekanbaru, is a form of the existence of Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) which succeeded in giving birth to more than 20 thousand graduates, since before renaming from STKIP and STIKES Tuanku Tambusai two years ago.

The entire extended family of the Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai University (UP) congratulates 2018 graduates, and than have officially held Bachelor and Diploma degrees, we hope that with the knowledge of the Pahlawan University scholars can develop knowledge in society.